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Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico
Mayan Ruins in Cancun, Mexico
We are honored you will share in our special day. Your presence is a wonderful gift!

For our honeymoon, we are trying to go to Cancun, Mexico! For those who are unfamiliar, Cancun is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and relaxing resorts on the planet, AND is surrounded by some of the world's most captivating ancient cities built centuries ago by the Mayan civilization, which peaked c. 250 to 900 A.D.

We're doing everything possible so our loved ones can celebrate with us and have the most excellent time at our wedding, but as you can imagine... saving for a wedding is tough! Saving for a wedding AND a honeymoon? Even tougher.

So, what is a Honeyfund? It's a way for our friends and family to give us the gift of experience - activities, adventures, and memories that will last a lifetime! Every generous gift is appreciated and will help send us on a dream honeymoon. If you would like to give a gift instead, scroll down!
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Prefer Tangible Gifts?

Some people have said they would prefer getting a physical gift, so we set up an Amazon Wedding Registry for those who are so-inclined, and a Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry for those who prefer to shop in a conventional / brick & mortar store.

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