Jay & Alex

Bride & Groom

Our Story

June 2013. Life was about to change forever.

Jay first noticed Alex’s love for Jesus and desire to have a life and relationship focused on following Him, on popular dating site, OkCupid. Being a 99% match didn’t hurt either. A native of Columbus, Ohio and former student of The Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!), Jay had only one problem: Alex lived in Michigan. For practical reasons, Jay had been looking to meet someone within a half-hour drive of his home or place of business. But Alex, who hailed from East Lansing, Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University (GO GREEN!), was seemingly too perfect to pass up. So Jay sent a simple message to Alex. After all...

"A simple hello can lead to a million things."

The two spent weeks getting to know each other, developing a deep friendship unlike any they had ever experienced before. After a season of intense work travel, Alex’s schedule finally subsided, and the two were able to meet early on a Saturday morning in October 2013 at a Starbucks in Okemos, Michigan.

From there, they hit it off! They played pool, carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, played "Hot lava" on some giant logs in a foresty park, went to a haunted house, and got some dinner (Jay ordered a calzone called "The Meaty Meat," which they find humorous since Alex is a vegetarian).

Jay and Alex's first picture - October 2013

They were surprised to find something so deep and special in one another: someone whose company felt like home.

Eventually, after months of long-distance courting, involving several weekend trips, meets-in-the-middle, and runs to Meijer in 24+ inches of snow on Michigan's unplowed roads for popcorn, Alex decided that Jay was worth enduring being in Buckeye country (no offense, friends!) long-term, and moved to Columbus − simply because saying goodbye for life in-between was becoming much too sad for the couple.

A year and a half went by in what seemed like a short number of days. Jay and Alex only grew closer, and more in love with Jesus, and each other.

The Engagement

"I remember early on, I told Alex I wanted to fly to Seattle for lunch - just lunch. I said, 'Because, how cool would it be to tell people you flew to Seattle for lunch?' Sure, it's a long flight away, but I told her I couldn't think of a better view than 30,000 feet, or better company at any altitude than hers." - Jay

Seattle became sort of a "someday" dream. Almost an inside joke. When Mondays approached, one might say, "We could always go to Seattle for lunch!"

But after nearly 2 years of getting to know Alex, Jay knew no matter how much time he spent with the benefit of her company on Seattle's far journey, it would never be long enough to want to say "goodbye." It seemed only appropriate it was there, nearly 2 years later, when the opportunity presented itself for them to visit their "someday" dream, that over lunch... in the Sky City restaurant atop Seattle's Space Needle, Jay asked Alex for forever − to love and serve Jesus by his side − as his wife.

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing,
And obtains favor from the Lord."
~ Proverbs 18:22 ~


The Bride

The Groom

The daugher of Valerie Golden and James Monyhan, Alexandra Lauren Monyhan (Alex) is a lover of positivity, love, and laughter, and has been graciously saved by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Alex's professional passion is Camp Kesem, a nationwide community that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer with innovative, fun-filled programs that foster a lasting community. Alex started volunteering with Camp Kesem as a college student at Michigan State University, and upon graduation, was hired full time as a National Program Director, and has since become a Manager of Programs, overseeing 36 of the 73 camp programs located at college universities across the country. Alex feels incredibly blessed to be involved with and now work for an organization she truly believes in, whose mission she has felt so passionately about for the last 8 years. 

The Groom

The Groom

The son of Joseph J. Baldwin III and Debora M. Baldwin of Pataskala, Ohio, Joseph J. Baldwin IV (Jay) aspires to serve Jehovah Joshua Messiah − the Lord Jesus Christ − with all his heart.

As the Electronic Ministry Director at World Harvest Church, where he has served for over 10 years under the leaderhsip of Pastor Rod Parsley, and as a member of the ministry's marketing team, Jay directly oversees the digital strategies and the web development team for World Harvest Church and its subsidiary ministries, including Breakthrough with Rod Parsley - a daily Christian television program airing via multiple global satellite networks around the world, the local campuses of World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio and Elkhart, Indiana, Bridge of Hope - the church's humanitarian and missions outreach organization, the World Harvest Ministerial Alliance, Harvest Preparatory School (K-12 Christian school on the church campus), as well as Valor Christian College - where Jay previously studied pastoral and general church leadership.

Jay is a first degree black belt in the korean martial art Tang Soo Do, which he taught for 2 years, and plays tennis every week year-round in an eastern Columbus indoor tennis league. For more information, visit www.jaybaldwin.com.